David A. Dimeo Memorial Labyrinth

Why Walk a Labyrinth

Each person brings their own interpretation and meaning to the deliberate design of a Labyrinth.

Travel the winding path, and allow yourself to contemplate and discovery your quiet self. Some view the labyrinth as a metaphor for discovery. It is a path to the center. The center of wherever the traveler wishes to journey. Some may be uninterested by the seemingly endless twists and turns. Some may run feeling the power beneath their feet. Others maylaugh, some may cry, and a few may pass over it, like birds, never understanding what others see in it.

The beauty of walking a labyrinth is that each experience is as unique as the traveler. As you walk the labyrinth you will come across positive reminders of human conduct, ideals, and values. View them as a mirror and evaluate your actions in their light.




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